An Amazon’s Success Recipe

Wouldn’t it be great to have a secret recipe to ensure success on Amazon?

Could we reverse engineer product development by starting with key selling factors on Amazon? If we can discover the features shared by products that have been successful on Amazon, can we create a new product with all the right properties to be a future bestseller?

Sir, Yes, Sir!

There is an optimum size, price and context that has a much greater chance of success on Amazon than the average product from your catalog. We’ve helped many businesses succeed on Amazon over the last five years, and time and time again the products with the right attributes succeed, while others struggle to gain traction.

Size Matters!

A small & lightweight product will generate reduced warehousing and transport costs. As products move a lot, this will have an impact on your costing structure and therefore your success.

Pricing it right

Too cheap and logistics will kill your profitability, too expensive will shrink your market. The right price zone is between €50 to €150 (or $50-$150), with a perceived value of at least 20 to 30% above the price tag.

Distribution under control

The more dealers you have with different B2B buying prices, the greater the fight for the buy box, and ultimately the cheaper your product will be sold for, damaging margins and potential to invest in sales incentives and marketing. Having controlled distribution at least to start with, will ensure steady growth.

Build the Brand!

Amazon is specifically looking for brands, and give extra benefits to brand owners. You can better display your products, and therefore increase by 30 to 40% your sales conversion rates

Products easy to understand

The products for which you can understand the benefits just by seeing a few photos will have the most impact. Think about visual effect in your design, in the way the product can be seen (or viewed on a video which is growing more and more even in the search bars now).


Simple to say but not always to do: make sure you have plenty of stock to grow and support your growth.

So how does our dream product look like?

  1. Compact and lightweight (or great ratio of value-to-size)
  2. Priced between 50-150
  3. Focused distribution
  4. Branded products
  5. Photogenic USP’s
  6. Products available to sell

A good example:

The Great Wall Sarl with “Amazon Made Simple” helps companies grow their business on Amazon globally , on the different Amazon market places in the world. Contact us for more information –


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Disclaimer: we do not represent or work for Amazon in any way and in any country, and the views expressed in this article are our own.

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