Understand Amazon to Sell More

Amazon is Amazing.

But it’s also A Maze.

You could easily get lost. Looking for some useful insights to grow your business on Amazon? So, just stick close and follow the guide.

Growing on Amazon is a matter of having the right go-to-market strategy

Your products could be found on Amazon through three different ways:

  • Sold by Amazon (offer 1 – the Vendor option)
  • Sold by You (on your own store on Amazon) – (offer 2 – the Seller option)
  • Sold by one of your Retailers (on his store on Amazon) – (offer 3 – the 3P Selleroption)

The three offers will compete against each other on the Amazon market place to win the famous “buy box” and be the one most probably who will sell. The first two offers are unique (there can be only one), but there can be multiple offers 3 (as many as you have retailers in fact).

Which option should you choose to maximise your sales on Amazon?

  • The Vendor option is best for brands who want to focus on their content, and having a great appearance on Amazon (as a marketing exercise as well as a sales exercice)
  • The Seller option is best for a retailer or a distributor (as in offer 3), but also for brands who focus primarily on growing sales, and have a direct contact to the market

Both options are possible, and there is no link whatsoever between both offers inside the Amazon system: the Vendor and Seller teams are separate, the IT is different, as well as the stock locations.

Depending on your strategy you will want to use one or the other option, or a mix of both. If your target is clear, then your course of action will follow suit.

Amazon Made Simple helps companies grow their business on Amazon, on the different Amazon market places in the world. Contact us for more information – jdg@thegreatwall.lu

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Disclaimer: we do not represent or work for Amazon in any way and in any country, and the views expressed in this article are our own.

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