Building your success selling on Amazon

Him: “My product is fantastic. I opened a Facebook page, and you would not imagine how many “Likes” I got”.

That’s exactly how my last mission started. A business lunch typical discussion.

The talk went on with:

Me: “So your sales must be booming”.

Him: “Well…ah… not really”.

So he had a great Facebook page, even a website – he was focusing his sales on Amazon. He had many Likes and enthusiasm, however no real sales.

The challenge was great: the product was indeed very interesting – we just had to go through a simple 4-steps process:

1.   What’s your vision? Your dream?

The first question many don’t ask themselves is: what do I want to achieve, where do I want to go? Do I want to have fun making a small business on my own? Do I want to build the future Apple or Microsoft? Knowing where you want to go is a key to define the path to go there. I see you frown with the obviousness of this fact: but so many entrepreneurs actually have inconsistencies between their dreams and the actions they take, and that dooms their project.

2.   What are your targets?

Now what does that mean for today, for this month, for the first 3 or 6 months, the first year? Is there a point /level to validate? Having a clear target will help you check your results against it, and will help you pull the plug if it does not follow the plan. (this needs outside help to be able to take a step back and a tough business decision)

3.   What are your means?

You know which mountain you are heading to, you have set the first milestones – now is the time to check your gear and in what shape you are. How much time do you have available? (time is often the resource the most in need) How much money do you have to invest to support your dream and get to the first target? How much help do you have? What do you need to produce / get your product? To get it to the customer? What marketing and sales resources do you need?

4.   Real world plan

Now is the time to summarize all this information into a first cash flow plan – a positive cash flow means go for it, a negative one means you need to re-adjust either the vision or the means.

Success will come from a clear view of what you want to achieve, and keeping your actions in line with your plan.

The main point is that it’s not about the product. Mainly it’s about the plan you will make, and will constantly review. To get yourself out of the daily routine, and your product single-focus, ask for outside help to get your plan in order.

The great news is: once this is in place, and your business model air-tight, putting in place the right management of Amazon, you will get the sales. Talking from experience.

We help companies drive their success online. Contact us for more information.

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